Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thanksgiving visit to the Farm

This Thanksgiving was spent here in Fayetteville with a combination of Medlocks and Harmons. My mom and brother joined us along with Matt (Uncle Matt #2), Lindsey, and Ava on Thanksgiving Day. Mom and Matt were able to stay for several days. There was alot of yummy food and the girls running around playing with each other is fun for everyone!

I have a childhood friend that owns several acres of land here in Fayetteville where he keeps all of his horses. Our mothers are best girlfriends which helps us to stay in touch. Mom and I decided to take Mollie to see the farm on Saturday after Thanksgiving. The Herlein family is a special family to the Medlock crew. We all grew up going to school together in Jonesboro. I remember in elementary school, Todd would always get to leave early on Fridays to travel to rodeos. Little did I know it would become his life's work!

 Coaxing her into petting the BIG horse!
 She really liked this horse....although she mooed like a cow when she saw him!
 Mollie, Uncle Todd, and Sue Sue
She wasn't so sure about riding the mini donkey!