Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I feel like I haven't blogged in quite some time! I decided to name this post WOW because that is about all I can figure out to describe this year so far. It has completely blindsided me. There have been tragedies, celebrations, sadness, and trials that I did not see coming this soon in 2009.

As most of my friends and family know, Adam and I are expecting! We learned in early January that we were pregnant. We decided to keep it a secret for a few weeks so many of you just found out.

Also, in early January, we lost one of our dearest friends to a tragic accident. Thomas Culp was a wonderful husband, father and friend. I still miss him everyday. Thomas' death was, I believe, the most tragic event I have experienced in my life yet. His wife, Bonnie, has over the past several years become one of my dearest friends. She is an inspiration to me in many aspects of my life. Bonnie- I love you and pray for you and the babies everyday. My heart aches for you and I know that we have a FUN journey ahead of us! Thomas would liked to have known we were going to share this pregnancy!! For those that don't know, Bonnie and I are about 2 weeks apart in our pregnancies. This, of course, will be her second and my first. ( Here is a link to her blog- it is beautiful-

Another major trial of this year has been with my father. He has been battling a disease called myelofibrosis. This past week, he took a turn for the worse and most of his family and my siblings and I traveled to Houston to be with him. I will be honest- those 6 days were terrible. He was in a very critical state and I longed to just take him out of that hospital and head to the lake! (We love the lake!) I can now proudly say that he is doing MUCH BETTER! He has been moved out of the ICU, his kidneys are starting to shape back up, and he is able to talk and take a few steps. I really think that God took my father into his hands and pulled him out of that ICU room. I don't know what lies in the future for my father. I just pray that he will be healthy enough to meet this grand baby! It will be his first! He is a very strong man and I know will continue to fight this disease.

And once again, as most of you know, I have been put on bed rest this week! Soon after coming home from my Houston trip, I began experiencing some complications with my pregnancy. We spent Friday night in the ER and several other days in with my OBGYN. Everything continues to progress smoothly and the baby is fine! I have tried my best to be a good patient and rest but it has been a challenge. I keep telling people that being forced into your bed is pretty exhausting. I am trying to not become to worried with the stress of missing work and not making money. I know that bed rest is best for my health and my baby. Hopefully, I can resume my work schedule on Monday.

Well, that is my life update!! It has been a very challenging 2009 but I know it can only get better! Thank you for all the prayers on behalf of Thomas, my father, my health, and our baby. I hope to have better news to post in the near future!!