Friday, September 21, 2007


Finally I have found some time to post on our blog! Actually, I have found the cable to my camera and hooked up our computer so that I could blog!! We officially closed on our house on September 14, 2007. It was a very nerve-racking process for me but you know Adam...always calm, cool and collected! It took about an hour and Josh was right there by our side! (I think Adam and Josh planned to both wear bright green shirts. I guess they decided it would bring us good luck or something!!) We started the moving process Friday evening on the 14th and spent the entire weekend hauling loads back and forth. We had several friends spend their saturday with us.

Thomas, Bonnie, Caroline, Eddie, Rick (my father in law) and my lil bro Matt all pitched in to get us moved! Thank you guys so much!!!! We owe you big time!!

Now, if we could just get all these boxes unloaded.....

Josh and Adam at closing
Getting our keys at closing
Loading the Uhaul
Thomas and his bad back moving our huge couch
Again Thomas moving something heavy

The first load of the move on Friday Night
The real reason our friends showed up!
Bonnie and Caroline in her big girl outfit!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fez & Harley- BFF!!!

For the past few days, we have been keeping Harley, Fez's dog Cousin! They love to play and fight with each other just like real cousins! It is so entertaining to watch their interactions. Eventually all the toys have to be put away because Fez doesn't share very well and they can get pretty fierce with tug-of-war! Anyways, here are some pictures from our few days together!

The Boys watching TV!
The Boys sleeping!
Whenever there is an animal on TV Harley goes crazy barking at it!!!
This was Fez's way of keeping Harley out of his food bowl!
Looks like his tactic didn't work! Harley got to his bowl and chowed down!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

The dancing queens!!!
My good friend Lisa was married last night and had a beautiful ceremony at the North Forty here in Fayetteville! It was so much fun! We did our best to not let the rain put a damper on our day! The ceremony was under big white tents and the reception was in the house and under the tents. We danced the night away until the bride and groom had had enough!!!

Dorks I know!
"Mint" To be party Favors

Getting Nails done on Friday
Clawfoot tub with a bride and her maids!!!
Blushing Bride!
Introducing for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Justin Smith!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Activites!

We had a full weekend this past labor day!! We had family in town and enjoyed their company! We espcially enjoyed our time with our nephew Jackson! I remember a time when he didn't pay much attention to his Uncle Adam and Aunt Julie so we love all the attention we get now! We cant wait to meet his little brother in December. Oh yea... I guess we enjoyed time with Chad and Karen too!! Just Kidding we love when they are here too! Enjoy the pictures from the weekend! Monday we were supposed to spend packing to get ready for our move but only packed two boxes....OOPPS!!! Oh well...I guess it will eventually get done right??!!

Sunday was a lazy day at Grammy and Papa's house. We had a delicious lunch and then just played as much as we could! It was alot of fun to spend some time with our family!

Riding around in his automobile!
Chad and Karen (and baby boy- he will be here in December!)
Sidewalk Chalk was so much fun!
Filling up with imaginary fuel!

Adam and Jackson hiding from us under his pillow!

Playing with Fez!
Jackson with his (favorite might I add) Aunt Julie
This is when Jackson started picking who he wanted in the pictures
Jackson wanting to "Superman" Adam....Pretty Funny!!

After our cookout, Grammy and I took Jackson to the park while everyone else went to the HOG game! It was alot of fun and a workout for me!! I didn't mind though... for him I'll do just about anything!

Smile for Grammy!
Me trying to go down the tunnel to get away from the monster!!
Grammy and Jackson on the swing!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Two Weeks!

Stove and Microwave are in!

This is the carpet...kinda a cream, beige, tan speckled pattern

The outside lights- we have two of these on each side of garage
Master bathroom fixture
Fixture in dining area
Guest bathroom fixture
Living Room ceiling fan which is the exact same as the fan in our bedroom- they are just different colors.

We are close to two weeks away from move in! The house is looking so good! Who knew Adam and I would be so good at interior decorating!! (J/K!!) These pictures just show the items that we picked out for our lighting fixtures. Kind of a boring post but hang in there, pretty soon we will have move in posts!!

Lisa Is Getting Hitched!

My wonderful friend Lisa is getting married this Saturday September 8th so this past Thursday night we treated her to one final girls night out dinner! It was alot of fun and of course great food since we enjoyed food at Noodles Italian Kitchen! We all brought her some pretty WILD and CRAZY gifts to start her married life off just right!! We can't wait to share her big day with her! LOVE YOU LISA!!!

Sorry this one is a tad bit "R" rated but I couldn't resist!!!