Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nephew # 2!!!

Landon Cole Harmon

December 27, 2007

3:44 pm

8lbs, 8oz

21" long

He is finally here!! It seems like so long ago when Adam and I were boarding our flight home from our honeymoon when I got a call from my sister in law Karen telling me she was pregnant!! I was so excited but on a plane so I couldn't scream like I really wanted to! Well, here we are nine months later and he is finally here! Of course they live in Memphis, TN so we have only seen a picture sent over cell phone but we are going there the first weekend in January to see him so pictures will have to do until then! They say he looks just like big brother Jackson and I love him so much already!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Adam and I really enjoyed decorating for christmas this year in our new house! We dont have that many decorations but we are happy with what we have! Last year, my mom got all three of us matching stockings! We cant wait to see what santa brings to put in them! We are having my family at our house on Christmas Day so that will be fun!!!!


This is Adam getting the star topper on the tree.

Here I am getting all the ornaments on. Our ornaments are hand-me-downs from my mom!

And here is the final product! The tree and all is from my mom so she really helped our holiday decorating out!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fez is Home!

Fez is finally home! Tonight after work I was able to rush to the vet before closing time to pick up Fez and receieve his discharge instructions and bring him home! He is so glad to be home and has been giving us lots of kisses letting us know! He has some medicines and special food for the next few weeks but after that should be able to go back to his regular routine. He can resume normal activity whenever he feels like it but so far all he has wanted to do is stay right by his "daddys" side and rest. I think the nausea medicine he is still on makes him sleepy. These are some pictures from our night of rest and relaxation for the little guy!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Doggy ER

you can see his IV in his arm! Well, if you thought you had heard it were wrong! Our sweet dog Fez has been REALLY sick this weekend. As I blog he is still an INPATIENT at the vet. The story begins on Saturday of this past weekend. He began acting very odd around one or two in the afternoon. He was hiding behind things, moaning alot, and just not being his usual cheerful self. I watched him closely all afternoon and into the night. Adam and I weren't sure what to make of the situation- we figured he was just sick to his stomach or something. His belly was really swollen and we could just tell that he was in alot of pain. Finally as we were getting into bed around 11, I convinced Adam that we should maybe take him to the Emergency Animal Clinic. Keep in mind that I am imagining them just giving him some medicine and sending us home. Well much to my surprise, I ended up staying there from 12:30 until 2:00. Fez ended up there until Monday morning! He was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis!! Can you believe that!?! I didn't even know that dogs could be inpatients!?!?! So the poor little guy has had a rough weekend! He is now at our regular vet being monitored. He is still on IV fluids and meds. The vet called tonight and told us that he should be able to come home tommorrow evening so we are hoping for a full recovery! This was all new to us and seemed a little silly but he is like our baby! I know you all with pets understand! ;)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

OKC Trip!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Adam and I planned a trip to visit Jordan and Christina in Oklahoma City! You may be wondering why the only pictures I have is of this yummy food!!?? Well we decided to splurge on a date night Saturday night and we all enjoyed a dinner at The Melting Pot at Bricktown! It was so divine and a really good time to catch up! We had a great time watching movies, watching the boys play video games, watching Jordan pick up pecans from his yard (hehehe!), and just being back together! They have moved into the CUTEST rent house and now that I am blogging I am wondering why I didn't take any pictures of it? I guess bc it wasn't dipped in chocolate!?!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Razorback Football

I have managed to make it to ONE Hog football game this season (isn't that pitiful?!?!) but it was a fun one! My mom was here visiting and some family friends had given her their tickets for the game. Little did she know the tickets were for the very first row, row A on the 50 yard line! We were right there behind the players. We could hear and see everything that happened on the sidelines! As for the field, it was a little hard to see without standing on tiptoe or catching it on the jumbotron. (Is that how you spell that?) Which by the way Adam and I made an apperance on! Anyways, here are some shots from the game of the sideline action! It was a beautiful day to be at the stadium!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our New Home

I am FINALLY posting pictures of our house! We LOVE it and are really enjoying being out of the apartment lifestyle! There are alot of pictures so bare with me! It looks better in person Im sure but since many of you live out of town, this will give you an idea of what it looks like until you can come visit! (And you ALL still have to come visit even though there are pictures of every room!!!) It is crazy to look at my past blogs and see our house when it was wood slabs and to see it now!!! COME VISIT!!!

There it is!
My lovely fall wreath!
The front entyway
The office
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Bath
Master Bath
Living Room
Living Room
Guest Bath
Guest Bath
Guest Bedroom

Dining Area
Living Room & Fireplace
Back Patio

Friday, September 21, 2007


Finally I have found some time to post on our blog! Actually, I have found the cable to my camera and hooked up our computer so that I could blog!! We officially closed on our house on September 14, 2007. It was a very nerve-racking process for me but you know Adam...always calm, cool and collected! It took about an hour and Josh was right there by our side! (I think Adam and Josh planned to both wear bright green shirts. I guess they decided it would bring us good luck or something!!) We started the moving process Friday evening on the 14th and spent the entire weekend hauling loads back and forth. We had several friends spend their saturday with us.

Thomas, Bonnie, Caroline, Eddie, Rick (my father in law) and my lil bro Matt all pitched in to get us moved! Thank you guys so much!!!! We owe you big time!!

Now, if we could just get all these boxes unloaded.....

Josh and Adam at closing
Getting our keys at closing
Loading the Uhaul
Thomas and his bad back moving our huge couch
Again Thomas moving something heavy

The first load of the move on Friday Night
The real reason our friends showed up!
Bonnie and Caroline in her big girl outfit!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fez & Harley- BFF!!!

For the past few days, we have been keeping Harley, Fez's dog Cousin! They love to play and fight with each other just like real cousins! It is so entertaining to watch their interactions. Eventually all the toys have to be put away because Fez doesn't share very well and they can get pretty fierce with tug-of-war! Anyways, here are some pictures from our few days together!

The Boys watching TV!
The Boys sleeping!
Whenever there is an animal on TV Harley goes crazy barking at it!!!
This was Fez's way of keeping Harley out of his food bowl!
Looks like his tactic didn't work! Harley got to his bowl and chowed down!