Friday, September 21, 2007


Finally I have found some time to post on our blog! Actually, I have found the cable to my camera and hooked up our computer so that I could blog!! We officially closed on our house on September 14, 2007. It was a very nerve-racking process for me but you know Adam...always calm, cool and collected! It took about an hour and Josh was right there by our side! (I think Adam and Josh planned to both wear bright green shirts. I guess they decided it would bring us good luck or something!!) We started the moving process Friday evening on the 14th and spent the entire weekend hauling loads back and forth. We had several friends spend their saturday with us.

Thomas, Bonnie, Caroline, Eddie, Rick (my father in law) and my lil bro Matt all pitched in to get us moved! Thank you guys so much!!!! We owe you big time!!

Now, if we could just get all these boxes unloaded.....

Josh and Adam at closing
Getting our keys at closing
Loading the Uhaul
Thomas and his bad back moving our huge couch
Again Thomas moving something heavy

The first load of the move on Friday Night
The real reason our friends showed up!
Bonnie and Caroline in her big girl outfit!!!!


Bonnie said...

Caroline was more than happy to help! I know I sure earned those donuts! :-) Your house is beautiful. I know you must be enjoying it!

Shelly said...

YEAH! I'm so excited for yall! Sorry, I've kind been outta the loop lately! But, wow Julie, you have a house, like a house of YOUR OWN! How cool! Yah, and I did a double take on those green shirts. Hey, I should have worn mine too! LOVE YALL!