Saturday, May 3, 2008

We Love our Nephews!!!!

We were able to spend this past weekend with our Harmon family and we had a blast! Jackson turned 3 on April 5th and Landon is now 4 months old! We were so excited to play with those sweet boys! We didn't get to make it to Jackson's birthday party in Memphis so we gave him his present a little late- I dont think it bothered him any!!! Landon is the sweetest, most content baby ever! I love those boys so much!!!

Jackson with his cars- he is way into cars!

Opening his late b-day gift from us!!
Landon will chuckle just so loud- it is the cutest!!!
Look at that face!!!!

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Shelly said...

hey i like the bangs! i'm brining mine back too! WELCOME BACK 80'S!!!