Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Our cheerleaders!!!

Lets call those hogs!!!

Aunt B and Caroline

Lakyn tackling Uncle Travis!!

Well, football season is finally here again. With that comes the beautiful Ozark fall weather that I absolutely love! It is my favorite season! We kicked off the Hog season with a get together at the Culps' house. We enjoyed pizza and snacks and a HOG victory!!! Here are some pictures of the night! We even had some Razorback cheerleaders in attendance!!! :)


Becky said...

How sweet! Look at those babies! Isn't it so much fun being an Aunt!!! What blessings!! Hope to see you Friday!!

Bonnie said...

Woo Pig! Remember when we used to win...those were the days! haha!
Hope to see you Saturday (games are just excuses to talk to each other, anyway!)