Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a great Halloween! We went to a party at the Culp household! Bonnie went above and beyond with everything spooky and spectacular! She is so creative! On all of our cups she had written the ways we were going to die on our fake gravestones!!!! They were so hilarious!!! Adam and I went as the Joker and Batman from this years the Dark Knight movie! The kids were a little shy of Adam and I. In fact, every time I put my mask on Canaan went running for his mother! Adam won best costume but gave his award ribbon to Caroline!!! Thomas had a bonfire complete with S'mores and all! There were alot of characters there for sure!

Caroline the Ladybug as Sarah Palin!
Dwight Schrute, an Elkins Cheerleader and a Cowgirl!
Best Costume Award
Sarah Palin, John McCain and a Ladybug!
The Boys!!! Yes We had 2 Dwights and a Democrat waiting for his Handout!!!
The Girls- including a Pregnant Pause and a Pregnant Chad!!
The Office crew- Dwight, Jim, Dwight, Angela, & Pam!!!
Canaan the Farmer and his tractor, Ladybug and Cowgirl!!!

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Bonnie said...

Julie!Thanks for the compliment! You guys being there made it great! Adam is so sweet to give his award to Caroline!