Saturday, May 3, 2008


When we bought our house, there was zero landscaping! So over the past few weekends Adam and I (and I use the term and I loosely!) lanscaped the front of our house. We are both very pleased with how it looks and really enjoyed the process of picking out the plants and learning about how to plant them! Poor Adam had to dig up all the sod and till it all by himself with just a little help from my weenie muscles! All in all it was a successful attempt and we are very happy with the results!!!

We Love our Nephews!!!!

We were able to spend this past weekend with our Harmon family and we had a blast! Jackson turned 3 on April 5th and Landon is now 4 months old! We were so excited to play with those sweet boys! We didn't get to make it to Jackson's birthday party in Memphis so we gave him his present a little late- I dont think it bothered him any!!! Landon is the sweetest, most content baby ever! I love those boys so much!!!

Jackson with his cars- he is way into cars!

Opening his late b-day gift from us!!
Landon will chuckle just so loud- it is the cutest!!!
Look at that face!!!!