Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Adam and I spent this past weekend in Houston to visit my dad. He is still in the hospital at MD Anderson. He is doing a little better each day. He had a pretty rough weekend while we were there but it was so great to see him. I spent alot of time with him in his small room. He has been on isolation so he hasn't been able to leave his room. I enjoyed being with him so much.

A great plus to the weekend was finding out that Lindy (my cousin) and her husband Josh were going to drive from Baton Rogue to visit also. We had so much fun catching up with them! Lindy is in vet school at LSU. She and Dad talked "animal medicine" alot! I think he enjoyed that! It was a great weekend spent with family! The picture is from our wonderful dinner that Lynda treated us all too! It was yummy!

P.S. I "stole" this pic from Lindy. She was the good one who remembered to capture the moment!! Thanks Linnie!!

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Lindy Lee O'Neal said...

you're welcome for the pic :) I have yet to post about the weekend, but I plan to do that soon. I sent your Dad an update on Cookie... she came back in Monday morning, but no worries- her and the baby are healthy. had a great weekend with you, love you!