Monday, January 4, 2010

4 months old!

I can't believe four months have come and gone in my sweet baby girl's life. She is such a joy. I fall in love with her more with each new day, each new trick, and each new giggle!

~ She weighs 15lbs, 13oz!
~ She laughs all the time!
~ If she is crying, she needs something FAST! Otherwise shes a very happy baby.
~ She is sleeping at least 6 hours a night and normally naps well during the day.
~ She loves baby food. She wasn't crazy about bananas or peaches but is coming around to them now!
~ She will eat 6oz of formula.
~ She will talk to you and it is the sweetest sound.
~ She smiles and coos all the time. Sometimes when I go into her room to check on her she just laughs and has the best time.
~ She has discovered her hands and loves them! She is slowly noticing her feet!
~ She loves toys especially ones that make crinkly noises!
~ The top picture is Mollie's first art project! She was 10 weeks old when she "painted" it!!
~ She has had two ear infections and several colds but is otherwise healthy, happy girl!

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