Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thomas aka "Jett"

Adam, Mollie and I had the privilege of watching Thomas a few Saturdays ago while Bonnie and Caroline spent some time together. He is the sweetest baby boy. Mollie and he play so well together and it is so cute watching them laugh and giggle. Mollie hasn't quite figured out how to say Thomas so she calls him the one name she can say, which is Jett. She talks about Jett all the time! Most of you may know that Jett and Thomas are cousins and both are included in Mollie's group of best buddies. So for now, it will be ok! Bonnie and I wondered if she thought they were the same person but she looked at a picture of both Jett and Thomas and she named Jett correctly and then called Thomas "Matt" (after my brother). So she understands they are two different people at least!

 I could squeeze his face off!
They are playing house- Mollie is cooking and Thomas is playing with a necklace!

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