Friday, March 28, 2008

25th Birthday and Easter Celebrations!!!

Opening my birthday gifts!!!

My big gift!!!! My new Nano Ipod!!! YOO HOO!!! From Adam and my Mom
Adam accidentally let the secret out that I was getting it the day before I opened it!!!!! So it was sorta a suprise!!!!
All of my goodies!! I am such a lucky girl!!

This was us opening our Easter Bunny gifts!! Fez even got a dog treat easter egg that he loved!!!!

Fez and his easter egg dog toy!!! (Plus Adams houseshoe for some reason?)


Lindy Lee O'Neal said...

Fez's toy is so cute!!! Between his egg and Tini's outfit, I'd say our pets had an awesome Easter!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!!! I do not think I could have dug that stuff out of the disposal so Julie I am impressed.
P.S. Fez looks a little guilty in that pic... you might want to ask him what he was really doing!
- Christina

Shelly said...

happy birthday, and fun new nano! i sent you a lil something, did you get it?