Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh yea.....Our easter Lunch Mishap...

Funny story....Mom and I were preparing a roast lunch for Sunday after church in honor of Easter and my birthday celebrations. We had to begin the preparations Saturday night to get the roast in the cooker on time. Well, after Mom had peeled all of the potatoes, onions, and carrots- she put ALL OF THE PEELS down the disposal! I never put peelings down the disposal (for whatever reasons I dont really know) As you can imagine, we had major stoppage! Here are pictures from our pureed mess!!!!!!!!! Plumber Adam had to be called in and the headlamp that my father got him as a christmas present was very handy!!!! The picture of the sink shows all the little pieces of peel that went everywhere....floor, walls, cabinets, etc.... That lovely last pic is when I, having the smallest hands, had to clean the gunk out of the disposal!!!! Not fun.....

25th Birthday and Easter Celebrations!!!

Opening my birthday gifts!!!

My big gift!!!! My new Nano Ipod!!! YOO HOO!!! From Adam and my Mom
Adam accidentally let the secret out that I was getting it the day before I opened it!!!!! So it was sorta a suprise!!!!
All of my goodies!! I am such a lucky girl!!

This was us opening our Easter Bunny gifts!! Fez even got a dog treat easter egg that he loved!!!!

Fez and his easter egg dog toy!!! (Plus Adams houseshoe for some reason?)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Miser (OKC Trip # 2)

This past weekend my mom, Adam and I traveled to Oklahoma City to see my cousin perform in the play called The Miser. He attends college at Oklahoma City University where he studies theater and is a major asset to their theater program. He is a sophomore there and has a big career ahead of him! As most of you know we also love going to OKC to visit our most favorite friends, Jordan and Christina so that was an added bonus! I must add that Adam and Jordan skipped the play to watch Will Ferrell's new movie Semi Pro while Christina joined the girls for some theater time! The show was really great and it was so good to see Quinn in action!

*** Claim to Fame*** Quinn was in the movie "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" with George Clooney back in 2000. He was Boy Hogwallop- check him out!!!