Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jett is here!!!!!

Baby Jett is finally here! He is so perfect! Seeing him today with Becky made me VERY anxious to meet Mollie! Becky was about a week late so I know she is so thrilled to have him in her arms. He weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was almost 21" long! I can't wait to be a part of this little guy's life!! Maybe he could be boyfriend material for Mollie???


Anonymous said...

I want to see some baby bump pics on here!! I never get to see you, so let's see them! I know you have one, I saw it a few weeks ago when you came to visit me! Make Adam take a pic! Love you, Lisa

Carmen Clark said...

Hi Julie. I love your blog. Is it ok if I link it to mine so Liz and Lauren can see yours? I'm glad your baby is a girl! they are so sweet! I loved the cake surprise for your mom- So cute! Love ya, Carmen