Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our Annoucement!!

I should have posted these pictures awhile back but honestly I forgot they were on my camera! So, we found out we were having a girl on a Thursday and that following Friday we had a trip planned to Jonesboro. Both of my siblings were there which always makes it a fun time! I had decided I wanted to do something special for my mom to tell her she was having a grand-daughter. With the help of a friend (C.H.) I stole this idea!!

I had a cake made, last minute might I add, that read on white icing ITS A....then when cut into, the cake was pink!!! Now I had really wanted everyone to be awake when we finally got to Jonesboro but we came in the door to a quiet house. I was disappointed but decided to wake everyone up!! My sister was actually in the shower and my mom was totally asleep! They were all troopers and entertained my little announcement. They both will kill me for posting these pictures but oh well!!

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Dawn said...

What a clever idea.