Sunday, August 2, 2009


All business and no play! That was how we spent our time in California! I was sent there to attend the Toshiba training school to prepare me for the installation of our new CT scanner at work! It won't be installed until September but I will be on maternity leave so we decided to send me to training now rather than when Mollie is here. Adam was able to join me which made me feel alot better about traveling at 32 weeks pregnant! I spent all of my time in class and in the evenings we had dinner, pool/hot tub time, then bed! I was exhausted by bedtime! Adam worked from the hotel and relaxed when he could. The last night of our trip we rented a car and hit Laguna beach and Huntington beach. Laguna is amazingly beautiful and we hope to go back someday!

Laguna Beach

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Julie and Chris said...

Girl you are looking good!! I love that belly!! I can't wait to meet little Mollie!! Love you !!!