Sunday, March 7, 2010

First Sunday School

Mollie went to her very first Sunday school class today! We stayed around for the first few minutes to video and see how she was going to react! She is such a pleasant baby! She loved class and joined right in! Of course, her potential boyfriend Thomas was there to show her the ropes! We are blessed to belong to a church that has so many children that are Mollie's age. She will be able to develop such wonderful friendships there!

"Pat the Bible"

Thomas and Mollie patting (chewing) the bible together!

We were curious how she would do through big church...she was pooped!!!


Lindsey said...

She is the sweetest little thing! I love watching her grow. Give her a big kiss from me and tell her I'll see her Friday! (I'm sure she is missing me....)

Bonnie said...

OH MY! I stole your pic of the two of them for my blog. Adorable. Melts my heart.

Jordan and Christina said...

What a big girl!!!! I am sure she is perfect in class.

P.S. - I had to laugh at the Arkansas accents in the video... Oh I miss it!

Carmen Clark said...

Mollie is a doll. I know you are enjoying every day with her. Baby's first Bible class is very special! Hope you all are getting some sunshine up there- so glad Spring is here! love, Carmen

Shelly said...

look at those AWESOME chunky cheeks!!! i love it!