Friday, April 2, 2010

I think I can.....

Today is Mollie's 7 month birthday! She is more precious with each passing day. I love watching her explore and learn. Here are her "stats" for this month:

~ She weighs 19lbs 10oz
~ She eats 6oz in each bottle and three jars of baby food a day.
~ Her favorite foods are Oatmeal Pears with Cinnamon, Vegetable Blend, and Squash.
~ She loves her toys! Especially her music table, her jumperoo, and her plastic shape blocks!
~ She says "Mama" and I don't care if she knows what she is saying, it is still the sweetest sound.
~ She just recovered from ear infection #5.
~ She loves watching cartoons in the mornings. Her favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Wonder Pets, and Handy Manny.
~ She loves bath time. She would sit in the tub for hours if we would let her!
~ She can sit up all by herself and is very close to figuring out crawling!
~ She still has beautiful blue eyes. Adam and I both have hazel eyes. My father had blue eyes.
I like to think her blue eyes are a little gift from my dad. I sure hope they don't change color!

Mollie- You are my angel. You have enriched my life more than you could ever know. I love you.

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Lindsey said...

I love it! Mollie is such a blessing to all of us, and I just can't wait to see her again!