Monday, November 8, 2010

Money to Jesus

At our church there is a time following the offering where we sing a song and let the children take money to the front to offer. I have always wondered if Mollie was ready to try the "walk". We usually are able to sit with our dear friend, Bonnie and yesterday we did.  I just happened to look down the aisle, while Bonnie was handing Caroline her dollar bill in preparation for the children's offering. Bonnie motioned to me that we should let Caroline assist Mollie in taking a dollar also. I had Adam give Caroline a dollar for Mollie and sat anxiously awaiting the offering. When it was time, Caroline sweetly took Mollie's little hand in hers and walked her down the aisle to the front to "give her money to Jesus." I knew Mollie would enjoy the walking down part, she loves walking and holding hands. I just wasn't sure about coming back to her seat with the excited rush of children. All in all, they both did great. Mollie did throw her dollar on the ground twice before reaching the offering plate, which Caroline later told me was "very silly of Mollie" but I guess that can be expected of a one year old!

I told Caroline after she had Mollie back to me how special it was for her to do that with Mollie. She told me that she knew it was special because it was important to God.

I vividly remember how proud Caroline's daddy was of her when she first participated in the children's offering. He would always sit perched on the edge of his seat, end of our row, just to remind her where to come back to sit. He started this little tradition of having her high five all of us after she successfully "gave her money to Jesus". I hope someday I can tell her that memory I have of him and let her know how much he meant to me. I am sure she didn't realize yesterday that he was on my heart as I watched her usher my own daughter, whom he never met, down that very same aisle.

Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.
     Mark 10:15

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