Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Decorating

Adam and I really enjoyed decorating for christmas this year in our new house! We dont have that many decorations but we are happy with what we have! Last year, my mom got all three of us matching stockings! We cant wait to see what santa brings to put in them! We are having my family at our house on Christmas Day so that will be fun!!!!


This is Adam getting the star topper on the tree.

Here I am getting all the ornaments on. Our ornaments are hand-me-downs from my mom!

And here is the final product! The tree and all is from my mom so she really helped our holiday decorating out!


Becky said...

Ok, why didn't you tell me about Fez! You know I would have been praying for him if I knew!! I'm soooo happy he's home with his parents! You know I understand! Please kiss him for me and maybe when he's well, you and Adam and Fez can come over and play! Bless his little heart! Your Christmas decorations are beautiful!!!! I hope to see you Thursday You can see my decor, even if it's not as pretty as yours'!

Bonnie said...

JULIE! I didn't know about Fez either! What an awful friend I am! I'm so glad he is home and that he is feeling better. You guys are such good parents to him.
Your decorations look great! Caroline's nose is better, so hopefully we'll see you Sunday morning! :-)