Monday, December 10, 2007

Doggy ER

you can see his IV in his arm! Well, if you thought you had heard it were wrong! Our sweet dog Fez has been REALLY sick this weekend. As I blog he is still an INPATIENT at the vet. The story begins on Saturday of this past weekend. He began acting very odd around one or two in the afternoon. He was hiding behind things, moaning alot, and just not being his usual cheerful self. I watched him closely all afternoon and into the night. Adam and I weren't sure what to make of the situation- we figured he was just sick to his stomach or something. His belly was really swollen and we could just tell that he was in alot of pain. Finally as we were getting into bed around 11, I convinced Adam that we should maybe take him to the Emergency Animal Clinic. Keep in mind that I am imagining them just giving him some medicine and sending us home. Well much to my surprise, I ended up staying there from 12:30 until 2:00. Fez ended up there until Monday morning! He was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis!! Can you believe that!?! I didn't even know that dogs could be inpatients!?!?! So the poor little guy has had a rough weekend! He is now at our regular vet being monitored. He is still on IV fluids and meds. The vet called tonight and told us that he should be able to come home tommorrow evening so we are hoping for a full recovery! This was all new to us and seemed a little silly but he is like our baby! I know you all with pets understand! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Give Fez a big get well hug and tell him that his Aunt and Uncle in OKC are thinking about him. That is like the saddest picture I have ever seen! Love you guys!

Christina and Jordan