Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nephew # 2!!!

Landon Cole Harmon

December 27, 2007

3:44 pm

8lbs, 8oz

21" long

He is finally here!! It seems like so long ago when Adam and I were boarding our flight home from our honeymoon when I got a call from my sister in law Karen telling me she was pregnant!! I was so excited but on a plane so I couldn't scream like I really wanted to! Well, here we are nine months later and he is finally here! Of course they live in Memphis, TN so we have only seen a picture sent over cell phone but we are going there the first weekend in January to see him so pictures will have to do until then! They say he looks just like big brother Jackson and I love him so much already!

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Bonnie said...

he's so cute! Have fun on your trip to see the nephews! :-)