Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Snow Day!!!

The snow was so pretty today!! Luckily, Adam and I were able to spend the day relaxing at home! We stayed in warm by the fire and enjoyed some much needed downtime! Fez was glued to the back door watching the snow. We let him out in it to play around some and he ended up just eating it!!! We warned him about the yellow snow though!!!!

I hope everyone else enjoyed the wintery weather!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

New Years Weekend

So I am just getting around to posting pics from our New Years weekend! It was a great weekend spent with Jordan and Christina. We of course played tons of Phase 10, watched the bowl game, and went to campus to reminisce!!

The Bowl game put Fez and I right to sleep!!!
Christina was the only one whose name was finished on the senior walk!
My sisters name on senior walk!
Adam and Jordan
Christina and I
Christina and Jordan checking out the updated Chem building!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend with the Nephews!

WOW! This past weekend we were able to take a day off of work and head to Memphis to spend some quality time with our dear nephew Jackson and our newest one week old nephew Landon. It was such a joy to be with them both! (oh yea...and those two adult people that live there too!!! ;) We had a great time playing with big brother Jackson and staring at Landon while he slept since that is all he does. I didnt care though he is still precious and perfect! Adam played trains until the days end with Jackson and I had plenty of time with Landon. I got my hands on him every chance I got!!! It gave me a little baby fever I will admit but I am over that!!! I posted a TON of pictures but who wouldn't with nephews as adorable as these?!?!?! Enjoy!!!

The whole crew including Fez and Harley!

Thats what caused the fever!!!!


I think I had just stolen him from Daddy!! Oh well!

Jackson wanted to kneel like me on the floor so this is the pose we ended up in!!!! He is so funny!

Jackson lovin' on bubby!

Fez surveying the situation on the couch....

Jackson, Julie, & Landon

Julie & Landon Time!!!!

Jackson and Landon Pose!!!

Heart Breaker!

Relaxing watching shows!

Bundle of Joy!

Sweetest picture ever!

Jackson had been showing Landon his Cars- Lightning McQueen!

Uncle Adam woke me up!!!!

Christmas Time WAS Here!!!

Of course we went to see the lights on the square Christmas Eve!
It was so beautiful but sooo cold!
We have a Family tradition of making and decorating sugar cookies for Christmas- we have pictures just like these from way back in the day!
This was my most favorite christmas present! My JUICY COUTURE purse my sister suprised me with!!! (she works there!!)
Jackson opening gifts from his favorite Aunt and Uncle!!!!
My sweater I REALLY wanted and got from my wonderful in laws!
Jackson and Uncle Adam playing with his train set and new Thomas the Train Roundhouse from Grammy and PaPaw!!

So I got behind on my blogging during all of the holiday rush so I am just now posting my Christmas pictures. We had a busy holiday with alot of traveling but it was all worth it! We were able to spend time in Jonesboro with my Dad and the Medlock family then we headed to Memphis to have Christmas with the Harmon side. Then from there we came back to Fayetteville to celebrate with my mother and siblings!!! Lots of pictures!!