Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Snow Day!!!

The snow was so pretty today!! Luckily, Adam and I were able to spend the day relaxing at home! We stayed in warm by the fire and enjoyed some much needed downtime! Fez was glued to the back door watching the snow. We let him out in it to play around some and he ended up just eating it!!! We warned him about the yellow snow though!!!!

I hope everyone else enjoyed the wintery weather!!!


Shelly said...

I WANT A SNOW DAY! all we get a hurricane days! i miss snow!

Lindy Lee O'Neal said...

I want a snow day too!! no hurricane days please, no Katrina repeat!! Fez- How are you liking your new anti-pancreatitis food?!?! Julie and Adam- I miss you guys!! We'll be coming that way for a fast trip in March... maybe we can hang for small while. :) miss yoooooooooooooooou