Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh how we love Fall!

This past Tuesday morning Mollie and I spent some time with good friends at the Fayetteville Farmers Market! It was a beautiful fall day and we had a really good time! We were invited by our dear friends Bonnie and Nellie. Of course, Caroline and baby Thomas joined us! It was Mollie and Thomas' first trip to the farmers market. Caroline however is a farmer market pro and couldn't wait to buy some tomatoes and green beans! Caroline was so cute walking around and commenting on all the vendors selling their items. She is such a smart little girl and I love that I have been able to watch her mature and grow over the past 2.5 years!

Mollie helped me pick out some yummy food! We bought fresh green beans, bell pepper, and squash! Now I just have to figure out how to cook it all!!!

Caroline enjoying one of her tomatoes she bought. I think she may have eaten the whole bag before we left the market!!

Yes- we put both babies in Mollie's carrier and no Baby Thomas didn't enjoy it but we got the picture right?!?! I loved Thomas pumpkin hat! So cute!!

Caroline and "Baby Mowwee". Caroline is such a good helper with the babies!

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