Thursday, September 3, 2009

She's here...and we are in love

Mollie Anne Harmon
September 2, 2009
8 lbs 2 oz
20 1/2 " long
Finally holding her in post-partum.
Seeing my baby girl for the first time- instant love!

Seeing video dad shot in nursery! It was precious!

I can't explain this feeling. I always heard people say you would love your children more than imaginable. I completely understand this now that Mollie Anne is in my life.

I will post a full labor story later on. Like most of our pregnancy with Miss Mollie, she made for an interesting labor situation. It wasn't the labor the we had planned on but in the end she arrived safely and perfect! We are still in hospital and hope to go home tomorrow.

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Brian, Jamie, Molly & Sarah said...

Yeah! She is beautiful and being a parent is the most wonderful job you could ever have. Congratulations to both of you!!!